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I am a single white male, thirty years old, of protestant Christian upbringing.  Born and raised in central Alabama, I am currently living in Seoul, South Korea.  I am also an Associate member of,"The Association Of Former Intelligence Officers."  My hope is to one day join the ranks of the NSA, or NRO (or some other entity with similar concerns...see Goals/Beliefs).   

 In the mean time I have enlisted in the U.S. Army (I am currenty posted in the afore mentioned Seoul, South Korea with the 8th Army) as a means of (hopefully)getting my foot in the door.  At the very least, the process itself, provided the background checks that any group or entity might require.   

My Hobbies & Interests:

I Am & Always Have Been Fascinated With Space. Astronomy, Astrophysics, the possibility of Alien Life, And The Sheer Beauty Of The Universe Itself...I Love It All. Think About It, The ENDLESS Possibilities & Discoveries The Universe Must Hold...How Can One Not Sit In Awe & Admiration Of Such Wonder? 

Another Hobby or Interest Of Mine Is Archaeology. I Love The Study Of Ancient Cultures & Beliefs. Archaeology Can Reveal More To Us Than Simply A Window To The Past. For Those With An Open Mind & A Willing Spirit, It Can Provide Us With A Doorway To The Future That All Of Mankind May Enter Into. 

My goal in life is three fold: To love the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul and mind...To Love my neighbors, family and friends more than I could ever Love myself...To honor my country, if not my world, with a dedication and abandonment that not even death can extinguish.  One day I hope to continue this journey that is life by serving in  the ranks of the intelligence community.  I'm not interested in fame or fortune.  I just want to make a difference. I believe the best way to do that is through anonymity.  Thomas Kemip may have said it best, "If you wish to learn and appreciate something worth while, then love to be unknown and considered as nothing."  A New World Order is needed to move the human race forward and it will take unselfish men with true devotion to their cause and country to make this happen. This is why I hold the Intelligence community (as well as those that run them), and certain unheralded groups with such high regard. They are all the true Unknown hero's of this country, if not the world.

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