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The following links, as stated in the title, are links of interest. This does not mean that I agree with the content on each of the sites listed. It simply means that I find them interesting and(or) informative.

(The following links will be updated and added to regularly.)

The Insider

"The Insider" (the following is a statement taken directly from the website)...Reports the latest facts in the debate on some of the most serious conspiracy theories currently in the public domain. We document the best evidence available from the most credible sources, such as national newspapers and official government websites. "The Insider" Reports provide a significant new insight into major international issues - including as globalisation and the New World Order, and answer essential questions about modern international affairs. This evidence is so conclusive that we guarantee it will leave you in absolutely no doubt about who is in control or what their secret agenda is. 

Federation Of American Scientists Founded in 1945 by atomic scientists of the Manhattan Project, the Federation of American Scientists is dedicated to the responsible use of science and technology. A 501c3 nonprofit, FAS brings a scientific perspective to the legislative arena through direct lobbying, expert testimony, media and grassroots work. FAS engages in analysis and public education on a broad range of science, technology, and public policy issues, including weapons nonproliferation and information technologies.

The Binary Research Institute

The Binary Research Institute is dedicated to the exploration of theories that aim to expand our understanding of celestial motion as it relates to our own Solar System, and the Earth over long periods of time.

The Yuga Project
The aim of The Yuga Project is to investigate new theories related to human history and the rise of civilization. As a production company The Yuga Project backs film and literary projects that explore the beliefs held by ancient civilizations and commonalities in the mythologies of cultures throughout the ancient world. Similarly, The Yuga Project looks to develop features that research the depth of scientific knowledge held by the people of ancient times, as indicated in their writings or by their architecture and other recovered artifacts, and draw comparisons to the body of knowledge that humankind holds today.



"There Is No Limit To What Man Can Do As Long As He Doesn't Mind Who Gets Credit." -Ronald Reagan