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The topics, issues, and arguments I raise here are mine and mine alone. If you agree with me great! If you don't...I'll get over it.

  Government Agencies:

Wether it's the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence, the 5412 Committee, the FBI's Carnivore program, the NSA's Echelon program, the DIA's Star Gate Program, a DoD Program, or a covert CIA operation such as seems like someone or some group is always complaining about our government and its agencies.  I know this statement is guoted often but it is one that bares repeating...freedom isn't free. There is a price that has to be paid. Is that price some of our privacy, yes. But freedom never has been easy or cheap.  Whatever your own personal opinion may be, thank the true Unkown hero's of this country for all they do!

Here Is just one example of their Heart & Devotion...CIA agents appear in Bob Woodward's Bush at War, which ends with a scene inside Afghanistan, where a group of agents had built a stone tombstone over a piece from the World Trade Centre: "One of the men read a prayer. Then he said, 'We consecrate this spot as an everlasting memorial to the brave Americans who died on September 11, so that all who would seek to do her harm will know that America will not stand by and watch terror prevail. We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth in defence of our great nation." (AMEN)



  Secret Societies:

Another favorite topic for conspiracy theorists everywhere. Do groups like, the Knights Templar, The Illuminati, The Skull & Bones, exist or don't they? Well, I don't know for sure(hence the term SECRET). What I do know is this, the ideals on which the Omega Agency (and others mentioned above) APPEAR to be founded on - the unification of the people of this Earth as a global society, with each culture supporting the other in an atmosphere of acceptance of us all as humans first - are good...Former President Bush described this as a New World Order.

I do agree that a global governing system is what is needed to move us as a race, the human race, out into the universal neighborhood that awaits us. I do agree that the negativity that pulses through the minds of so many needs to change. War, Crime, Rape, Murder, Child Abuse...All Must Stop. We cannot continue to prey upon each other and hope to survive in a world, much less a galactic, neighborhod.



Do they exist or don't they? This is the one question that all others come back to. As for me, I've never met one but, yes, I believe they COULD. The biggest argument I hear against the probability of their existence is that it would conflict with Biblical records and religeous religious beliefs...WHY? Because they aren't mentioned in the Bible? If that is the critica that must be met then the critics are in trouble. Here's why, just because something isn't mentioned in the Bible doesn't mean it wasn't created or doesn't exist. It just means it wasn't relavent to the unfolding story that the Bible tells. If you believe in a God that SPOKE the universe into existence, why would the existence of ALIENS surprise you?!  Anyway, Those who have carefully read the account of creation in the book of Genisis would know that the Bible allows for such belief.  In the creation account, the Bible states that before God created the sun, the moon, or the stars in our night sky(1:14-16), he created light(1:3-4).  What was the source of this light?  Sun's, Planet's, Solar System's...A Galaxy Such As, Abell 1835 IR1916...Why Not?  If this is the case then even the most staunch Christian must recognize the possibility of life in the Universe before the planet earth was even formed. 

Another argument I hear Is distance. The nearest planets that could support intelligent Alien life are to far away for any species to travel in a lifetime. From our point of view, yes, this may be true. But whose to say that our views, capabilities, and know how aren't infantile from a Universal prospective? It is not only possible but highly probable that the laws of physics as we know them are obsolete. 


Nothing Happens In Contradiction To Nature, Only To What We Know Of It.