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Below you will find several personal thoughts (found through-out the site) and opinions that are of my own design and structure.  They may be meaningless to some and ridiculous to others...Thus is life?!


Conclusions about the Universe, Now merely Science Fiction, May one day be Known as Reality.  Not by defying the Laws of Nature but by Fully Comprehending them.

-C.L. Sherer


"Things Exist Only As Our Minds, Both Conscious And Unconscious, Have The Ability And Depth To Percieve Them. This Perception Is The Basis For Which All Belief And Understanding, As We Know Them, Exist."

-C.L. Sherer


The Great Argument...The nearest planets that could support intelligent Alien life are to far away for any species to travel in a lifetime. From our point of view, yes, this may be true. But whose to say that our views, capabilities, and know how aren't infantile from a Universal prospective? It is highly probable that the laws of physics as we know them are obsolete. 

-C.L. Sherer